We are not an accelerator, incubator, or residency.

We are a launchpad providing topflight growth resources.

Create your destiny with SQRLabz

Imagine starting a company with momentum, supported by an accomplished team of professionals that provide the thought leadership and hands on guidance to help you make your venture a success. 

SQRLabz catapults amazing people and projects all over the world. Every project is different so every project receives individual support and feedback. For us, this isn’t just a job. Your success is our purpose.

We look for technology-oriented companies, typically web-based that we believe have national or worldwide reach capabilities. Then we provide access to financial, human and intellectual capital to fuel the success of your business. In exchange for lining up all the pieces to empower your company to scale, we receive a small equity stake. Consequently, we’re vested in your success and that’s a good deal for both of us.

Launch your idea!

We help early to growth stage companies move from an idea to a scalable product by providing the intellectual, social, technological and financial capital to launch a scalable enterprise.

Launch to success!

We look for awesome companies with founders we like. We take an interest in your success, we are partners with a vested in opening doors and providing a solid footing for scale.


We help create winners.

SQRLabz was formed by four experienced entrepreneurs, known for vision, monetisation, capital acquisition and technology. Our skill sets and tech platform takes a project from idea and business plan to prototype MVP and beyond.

We’re personal and offer personalised support and feedback so that you know what you need to succeed, while providing you with a world-class platform to host your technology.

We help assemble that tools necessary, from pitch decks to working prototypes, to raise capital.

We get it. We’ve started social enterprises and non-profit ourselves, and we’ve helped hundreds of other mission-driven projects raise millions. We consider ourselves entrepreneurs first, and investors second because we’ve spend most of our lives in the trenches building brands and running companies.


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We look for awesome companies with founders we like to work with who strive for social good. We don’t just take an interest in you success, we are partners with a vested interest in opening doors and providing a solid footing for scale.

We launch your ideas to success. 

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