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Sometimes the stars align and things just work out and that's how SQR LABZ started. A shared desire to help social innovators access the resources they need resulted in our joint vision to disrupt the startup landscape.

We felt strongly that it wasn't enough to just provide technology, and at the same time, we’re unique in that we come with a technology platform. Because we understand what it takes to launch a startup to success, we decided to accelerate the learning curve and increase the success of projects by joining forces. Each partner specializes in a different part of our offering, bringing capital, technology, marketing, strategic advising, plus our combined business network to launch successful new ventures.

Meet the Team

Specializing in different areas of the business, we all have a part to play and together we can do great things!


Ron Posner 



Ron has been a leader in the consolidation of the high technology, internet and software industries for more than 30-years. He has a strong track record as CEO, investor and board member of improving market values and liquidity results for public and private companies in record time frames.

Ron participated in the growth and consolidation of the internet industry, starting in the mid-90’s, as a start-up investor/board member in such companies as Match.com, sold to InterActive Corp (IACI); Spinner.com, sold to AOL; NetAngels/Firefly, sold to Microsoft; Rival Networks, sold to Terra-Lycos; Flipside.com, sold to Vivendi, and Click2learn that was merged with Docent to form Sum Total Systems (SUMT). He remains an active investor in www.iwin.com.

Additionally, he serves on the boards of eChinaCash and Razorsight and is an investor in several VC Funds, including NEA and JP Morgan Technology Partners.

When Ron’s not doing deals, he's hiking the San Diego hills, taking his grandkids surfing or to Disneyland, or trying to find a movie date.

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Lavonne Roberts



LaVonne is a social entrepreneur best known for her role in the formation of XOOM, where she was a founding shareholder. After participating in multiple public and private financing totaling almost $400M pre IPO, XOOM merged with GE’s NBC Internet assets, resulting in the formation of NBC Internet, the first global integrated media company. For over 20 years she’s been helping entrepreneurs, startups, and medium to enterprise sized businesses grow through search, marketing, business development, web design, commercialization, and e-commerce. She’s invested in the industry through F-1 Ventures, a family office and participated in market growth as a partner in a private hedge fund.

LaVonne is known for her home-canned tomatoes, her ability to throw a Moroccan dinner party for 20 - complete with pomegranate martinis and frozen lemon-mint soufflés, and her ability to send you home with a joint venture. She is most passionate about helping young adults who have aged out of foster care find their voices through higher education. When not working, she’s attached to a laptop completing a memoir about being an Internet 1.0 generation pioneer and her search for home, which she hopes will inspire people to work towards their dreams.


Debra Fleenor


Debra has been living, breathing, and loving the internet economy for over 20 years, having co-founded and consulted for several internet start-ups with the ongoing objective to drive innovation that disrupts, and grows new opportunities at the same time. Some highlights include having had the pleasure to work beside Lavonne in the co-founding of Xoom, Italy, which was successfully sold to Telecom Italia. From there she moved into incubating and advising internet start-ups and initiatives in various areas, including public sector, culture, real estate, rating services, job markets...

In the past 5 years, she has become totally immersed in helping web publishers maximize revenues through leveraging and optimizing programmatic ad tech and network and advertising partnerships.

When Debra's not reveling in the thrill of the disruptiveness of programmatic advertising (we all have our nerdy sides), she loves to savor the smell and colors of local food markets, bringing home the freshest to create a special meal to share with family and friends. 


David Koplovitz


With over 20 years of experience in corporate and technical leadership, David is an entrepreneur who creates products and solutions that solve vexing problems. David is an award-winning Technologist winning best in show Finovate 2014 for AnchorID, a Security Startup and as a C-level executive at 3Cinteractive, where they won the honor of America’s most promising company.

David has deep experience in the fields of eCommerce, card processing, mobile, security, and manufacturing. He has built technology and programs that power solutions for companies like Disney, ESPN, Arbitron, Walgreens, and TracFone.

Holding patents in mobile, identity and security, David creates high-performing teams in a safe learning environment, which results in superior product delivery, as well as organizational and product excellence.

In his spare time David likes to work!

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